Ponsonby Wanderings

Last night a friend, Alicia, who has just moved to Auckland, and I decided to explore Ponsonby road.  Ponsonby has a reputation of being the posh part of Auckland.  I have also heard that the night life in Ponsonby is more “suited” to people in their early twenties, especially those who feel they are too … More Ponsonby Wanderings

My Spring Wishlist

Yay for Spring! I am excited, as it means summer is almost here! But it also means I only have 8 weeks until Uni is finished, so am starting to stress about my big project. Anyway, to brighten this pretty dreary Sunday, here is my spring wishlist. What do you guys think?

Lemon and Ginger Slice

My family has a thing for slices, especially my mum and brother (Dad insists he likes anything I bake). Although they both enjoyed the cupcakes (which are now all gone) and the lemon cordial, slices are definitely their favourite. This slice is a variation on my mums ginger slice, specially requested by my brother.

Lemon Cordial

This recipe for Lemon Cordial comes from my Granny.  She always has a bottle (or two) of this in her fridge. All you have to do is pour about 10mm into the bottom of a glass, then full it up with plain old water.  Its also great with hot water (especially if you have a … More Lemon Cordial

Lemon Cupcakes

Let me start by saying I LOVE cupcakes! I love that they are easy to make (especially this recipe, its all in one bowl!). I love that they have icing, that they are little, that you can get pretty cool papers for them (read: easy to clean the muffin trays!) My family seems to really … More Lemon Cupcakes

Lemon Week

Finally holidays! It is the first week of my mid-semester break and I am back staying at my parents house for a week. One of the things I love about coming home is that I can use mums kitchen to bake! This week I have decided to do a lemon themed week, as I have … More Lemon Week

One Tree Hill

For one of our first adventures, I decided that we should go somewhere high to get a good look at our new city. My parents had once lived close to One Tree Hill so, as a place I heard quite a bit about while growing up, I was quite keen to explore it. I picked … More One Tree Hill