Hiking the Routeburn and Caples Tracks

Nic and her family hike the Routeburn and Caples Tracks over the Christmas holidays … More Hiking the Routeburn and Caples Tracks


Ponsonby Wanderings

Last night a friend, Alicia, who has just moved to Auckland, and I decided to explore Ponsonby road.  Ponsonby has a reputation of being the posh part of Auckland.  I have also heard that the night life in Ponsonby is more “suited” to people in their early twenties, especially those who feel they are too … More Ponsonby Wanderings

One Tree Hill

For one of our first adventures, I decided that we should go somewhere high to get a good look at our new city. My parents had once lived close to One Tree Hill so, as a place I heard quite a bit about while growing up, I was quite keen to explore it. I picked … More One Tree Hill