OE Update

Nic finally confronts her fear and heads to London on her OE … More OE Update


My Master’s Project

I am finally coming to the end of my Masters and have been very busy testing, so I thought I would share a little bit about my Masters and the tests that have been dominating my life this year. I am studying a Masters in Engineering Studies in Yacht Engineering at the University of Auckland … More My Master’s Project

Ponsonby Wanderings

Last night a friend, Alicia, who has just moved to Auckland, and I decided to explore Ponsonby road.  Ponsonby has a reputation of being the posh part of Auckland.  I have also heard that the night life in Ponsonby is more “suited” to people in their early twenties, especially those who feel they are too … More Ponsonby Wanderings

My Spring Wishlist

Yay for Spring! I am excited, as it means summer is almost here! But it also means I only have 8 weeks until Uni is finished, so am starting to stress about my big project. Anyway, to brighten this pretty dreary Sunday, here is my spring wishlist. What do you guys think?