About Us

After a very long absence (four years!), we have decided to restart our blog.

We both finished university about four years ago and have since moved into the corporate world, albeit in very different industries. Those who know us well will know we have always wanted to build great careers and make our mark, however, the real world has been an eye-opener for each of us. As can be expected, we have grown a lot over this time, and have much to share about the challenges and adventures we have faced so far, and those we will continue to face as we strive to fulfil our greatest ambitions.

So what can you expect from us now? We’re both still passionate about travel and carving out successful careers, so you will see a lot on those two topics especially. We’re also looking to sink our teeth into a few of the more gritty topics that affect females in our generation; things like working in a male-dominated industry, getting out of personal debt and learning to be financially savvy.

This blog is also extremely special to us; as two best friends who are now located on opposite sides of the world (Ro has just moved back from London, while I’ve just begun my own London adventure!) we want to have a forum that will allow us support each other in our individual endeavours, despite the distance.

We hope you will enjoy reading about our journey – chasing what makes us smile.

Nic and Ro