OE Update

Well, this is awkward:  I am currently in London on my OE!

In one of my last posts, To OE or not to OE? I described why I felt like I wouldn’t do a traditional OE.  I was worried about money and my career (still am) but these were just excuses to hide the real reason:


I mentioned that I wasn’t enjoying my career so far and I was worried about having an identity crisis when I returned to NZ.  But I was already there, in the midst of an identity crisis and I was letting fear dictate my life.  I already felt lost and I didn’t want to end up more lost.

Then a very wise friend of mine (Ro) told me I should never make a decision in fear.  She was right (as she always is!).  And so I booked a one-way ticket to London. Funnily enough, I left NZ almost the exact same time as Ro arrived back in NZ: we missed each other by half an hour!

So here I am, in London – one of the most exciting cities in the world!  I must admit I am struggling to find my feet and still have the same worries I had back in NZ.

But I am going to make the most of my time in London, check out my Loving London List!


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