Destination Unknown


Ro and I have been talking about restarting this blog for a while now. We came up with a lot of great ideas to start working on, and we did make some progress; we chose a new theme, drafted a content plan and designed a logo. But funnily enough, we didn’t start writing.

This blog was meant to be a place for us to write about various experiences and share our lives, yet the writing itself was the one thing that we were afraid of.

Fear is a funny thing; it can inspire you to jump in the deep end, or it can stop you in your tracks. The fear of failure and of laying our souls bare for the world to read has stopped us from jumping in for far too long.

So with that, we are back and writing again. We’re not yet completely sure what we will write about or exactly what direction this blog will take; but the most important thing is we are starting – and we will figure the rest out as we go along.

We hope that you join us on our journey, destination unknown.



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