My Master’s Project

I am finally coming to the end of my Masters and have been very busy testing, so I thought I would share a little bit about my Masters and the tests that have been dominating my life this year.

I am studying a Masters in Engineering Studies in Yacht Engineering at the University of Auckland  It is the first year this Masters has been offered, so I have been part of the “guinea pig” class.

Part of my Masters has been to complete a research project throughout the year, titled: The Hydrodynamics of a Laser: Full-Scale Tow Testing.  Basically I have taken (with the help of my amazing supervisors!) the popular Laser dinghy, attached a towing frame and a bunch of electronics, and towed it behind another yacht.  By doing this, I hope to find the drag of the hull at different sailing conditions.

Initially I was hoping to have one of the guys skippering the Laser, but due to unforeseen circumstances, my skipper was unavailable, which meant I had to step up! So here are a few pictures, it’s worth noting that the tests were a success and I have got some useful data, despite getting a bit wet!


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