Go On, Impress Me: Raw Comedy at The Classic

Looking to experience something new? Is your 9-5 leaving you unfulfilled and looking for a better lease on life?

Are you currently Just. A. Bore?

It’s probably time you escaped your monotonous everyday life. So grab your friends and loved ones and drag them to something that’s new, fun, and enthralling, before they give up on you entirely.

And have I got just the idea for you…

The Classic – Classic Comedy & Bar, Queen St, Auckland

One thing I have been getting into recently is the Auckland Comedy Scene.

Picture this: The lights dim. A spotlight illuminates the stage. A lonely microphone sits in the centre, synonymous with the awkward hush that now falls over the audience.

Out from the wings emerges a seemingly confident individual, all keyed up and eager to make you laugh.

Go on. Impress Me. The default expression found on the face of every single audience member in a comedy auditorium.

Despite being initially greeted by this less-than-encouraging sight, it would seem that these mad individuals all share the same mindset: Challenge. Accepted.

How they even get up on that stage in front of a bunch of people who are all anticipating their impending failure is beyond me.

I’m fairly sure that if you were to try to make me do something akin to stand-up comedy, you would most likely find me attempting to avoid detection by slinking into the darkest corner of the room, probably in a full-on quivering mess, and possibly losing all reasonable control of normal bodily functions.

But, I digress…

My point is that if you are looking for something new and exciting, something that will be worth far more than the meagre amount of money you spend on it, then look no further than Auckland’s up-and-coming comedians.

Even if you don’t think one of these guys is that funny, humour can still be found in the simultaneous awkwardness felt and expressed by every single audience member when a joke goes horrifically wrong. You can take comfort, and even revel, in the fact that it is not you up there making a complete fool of yourself, and that you are not so unwise as to ever expose yourself to such an embarrassing situation. With this perspective, hilarity soon ensues.

In saying that, full credit to all the newbies in this scene; including Matt Stellingwerf, James Stewart, Jimmy Guan, Sam Polwart, and Logan Kitney, who seem to be making a name for themselves and scoring more gigs with comedy event companies like Comedy Capers and Laugh Club NZ, ensuring the future of Auckland Comedy looks extremely bright.

Raw Comedy – to be found on Monday nights, 8pm at The Classic on Queen St, for your weekly reminder that your life is (comparatively) awesome.

$5.00 (or students with ID are two for $5.00).

Challenge. Accepted.


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