4 Seasons in 1 Day: Auckland in Spring

Spring in New Zealand: that annoying time of year that tempts you briefly with sunlight and warmth and then cruelly pulls it away – offering you zero chance of absorbing that unique ozone-hole strength sun – thus ensuring your skin remains pasty white and your unwillingness to throw on that teeny-weeny bikini (or Speedo, if you must) is heightened before the stunning summer season even begins. You probably now hold significant contempt for the continuing wintry weather, having being lured in by an exponentially more attractive alternative. Much like the rest of us, you are likely now desperately anticipating the continuous sunshine that is New Zealand’s summer…

Well, I’ve got some bad news for you – it’s still a couple of months away.

So I thought: let’s introduce some happiness back into your life, and help you to survive this most ridiculous excuse for a season. The first couple are aimed at all of you out there who are, essentially, not males (unless you are looking for gifts, or you are just plain awesome).

Ladies – if you are anything like us, you often dress more on the practical side just to be ready for anything that life may throw at you. However, you probably also enjoy the opportunity to add a subtle feminine touch to your look.

1) If this is you – here are some accessories that I think you’ll love, and that will add some serious attitude to any ensemble. These are all found at your average Bling/Equip/Lovisa store, so simply head to your nearest mall for some pre-summer flair.

Bows with Attitude
A bow can add a feminine touch while still maintaining your signature style

2) Next – add some style to your nails with these little beauties that I picked up on the weekend from a local pharmacy counter. Reasonably priced at just $7.99 ea (NZD).


L.A. Girl Magnetic Polish
L.A. Girl Magnetic Nail Polish

Simply paint your nails like normal and use the magnet in the top of the bottle to create a pattern by hovering over the top of your freshly-polished nails. Here’s my attempt, and I think it looks awesome (please keep in mind that I am not overly practiced being a polished lady!):

This picture doesn’t do it justice! I’ve had a lot of compliments on my nails when I’ve worn this polish. So simple, and lasts well.

3) Want a tan before that elusive summer sun arrives? If you don’t want to be ‘that person’ that hits the beach in December with skin still so sparkling white that others actually have to don sunglasses to look your way, try Johnson’s Holiday Skin Body Lotion with a slight self-tanning composition. It creates just enough of a tan to look natural even on the fairest of complexions – and best of all, it’s great for sensitive skin!*

Johnson’s Holiday Skin Body Lotion

4) And finally: Vans (or Chucks, if you prefer) – the perfect in-between season shoe. You name it: skirts, dresses, shorts, jeans, tights – these shoes add that missing individualistic touch to any outfit. These are mine:


My gorgeous high top paint splash Vans

*Recommendations from me for a skin or hair product means I have personally tested it and have not had a reaction. Due to my own eczema I am able to use very few skin products that aren’t prescription moisturisers or steroid creams, so products that I promote should be safe for people that are prone to eczema or sensitive skin. However, it is always a good idea to do a patch test first, as everyone’s skin is different.


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