Ponsonby Wanderings

Last night a friend, Alicia, who has just moved to Auckland, and I decided to explore Ponsonby road.  Ponsonby has a reputation of being the posh part of Auckland.  I have also heard that the night life in Ponsonby is more “suited” to people in their early twenties, especially those who feel they are too “old” for the water front.  (I definitely feel old down at the water front on a Saturday night!)

To be honest, I was a little disappointed with the night life.  All of the bars seemed quiet and a bit exclusive, I did not really feel compelled to go into any of them at all. So we just walked and people watched, which I always find entertaining!  We also stumbled across some buildings growing out of the grass!

All of the fancy (read: expensive) clothes shops are on Ponsonby Road, like Karen Walker, Zambesi, Juliette Hogan and Sass & Bide.  Honestly, I always feel out of place in these kind of shops, so it was nice to have a good look through the windows without feeling silly!

On recommendation from another friend, an Aucklander, we went down to the other end of Ponsonby road, to an area known as the “Three Lamps”.  There we struck gold in the form of a French creperie called “La Cantine du Torchon”.  Alicia had lemon and sugar crepes with ice cream and I had creme brulee.  Both were delicious and priced under $10!  Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of the food, we ate it all too quickly!  But I am looking forward to taking Ro there soon, so I will make sure I take pictures!

So all in all, not too impressed with Ponsonby as a night life destination, but I will definitely be going back for more crepes!

Big thanks to Alicia for the photo, her phone takes much nicer pictures than mine.


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