The ‘Supermoon’: One Tree Hill

You have absolutely no idea the physical exertion we went through to bring you our first ever adventure photos that you see below! Somehow we managed to pick a day where half of Auckland’s population decided to drive up to the same lookout to watch the sunset and moonrise; completely unaware (of course) that there was a cosmological anomaly occurring on this night, one that only occurs once a year.

We came across this article the following day, explaining the phenomenon of the ‘supermoon’ (meanwhile, we had been thinking that we’d just inadvertently picked up on our new city’s favourite Sunday night pastime!). While we were lucky to experience such breathtaking views of this astronomical beauty, it also meant facing what was essentially gridlocked traffic winding right up to the top of the lookout. Our solution? To take a running start at what was probably one of the most vertical hillsides we’ve had the displeasure of scaling. By the time we had scrambled to the top we were completely out of breath, both from our complete lack of fitness and laughing at our own uncoordination.

So, they say a picture’s worth a thousand words, right? This one is also worth a considerable recovery time, mud and grass stains, and a few cuts and grazes. Not that we’re complaining; as Nic says ‘a picture is always worth more with a good story behind it!’.

Sunset from One Tree Hill, looking west
The ‘supermoon’

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