One Tree Hill

For one of our first adventures, I decided that we should go somewhere high to get a good look at our new city. My parents had once lived close to One Tree Hill so, as a place I heard quite a bit about while growing up, I was quite keen to explore it.

I picked up Ro around 4.30pm, with the intent of getting some pictures of the sunset. As it is winter here, I knew we would have to move quickly to get in place. Of course this day just so happened to coincide with a “cosmological anomaly” that Ro will talk about later. Basically it meant that the hill was packed with people!

So we had to park at the bottom of the hill and walk up.  As is common for hill roads, the road meandered a long way around the hill. I decided the road was much too long of a walk and that going cross-country, up some steep hills, was a much better option…

By the time we had scrambled to the top, I was completely out of breath, and Ro not much better. Laughing at our complete lack of co-ordination had not helped either!

But I got my photos! And I reckon they are worth the energy and grass stains, not that I am complaining. A picture is always worth more with a good story behind it!


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