Dine@Fourth: Your New Steakhouse?

“If you’ve ever had a steak this good – Welcome back!”

Yes, Dine@Fourth Steakhouse, you do deserve your enthusiastic (if somewhat immodest) slogan displayed so proudly on your doors.

Ever since my first visit to Dine@Fourth Steakhouse (and my many visits since), I have become increasingly reluctant to try steak at any other eating establishment. Steaks served elsewhere are, quite simply, never as good. This is in terms of both the quality of meat, and the ability of the chef to cook it exactly to your preference.

Located just ‘off the beaten track’ in Tauranga’s CBD, Dine@Fourth provides a quiet, relaxing atmosphere where you can sit back and unwind with a mouth-watering menu, soft jazz music, and some of the best wines available in Australasia, including: Spy Valley Marlborough Pinot Gris (Winner of the NZ Champion Pinot Gris Trophy at the 2011 Air New Zealand Wine awards); and Catalina Sounds Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc (Winner of the NZ Champion Sauvignon Blanc Trophy at the 2009 Air New Zealand Wine Awards).

But what really sets this establishment apart (aside from its purely unbeatable steaks) is the all-you-can-eat salad bar. Scarcely found in restaurants anymore, Dine@Fourth’s salad bar consists of an impressive selection and unusual combinations. Favourites include the delicious Greek salad with tomatoes, cucumber, olives and a soft creamy feta, or the potato salad with grain mustard. Yes, these salads sound fairly standard, but here they seem to be a cut above the rest. After these, the selection gets more exotic. Depending on the season, you may find a nashi pear salad swimming in coriander, ginger, and lime; or even a Mediterranean chargrilled vegetable salad for the winter months, plus many, many more. However, the best thing about these salads is that they are included with your main meal, so not only do you get great quality meat and 100% fresh produce, but also fantastic value for money.

Most of the time the service is faultless. There has been the odd occasion when it could have been a little bit more professional (perhaps when they were training new staff?). However, the wait staff have always been fairly efficient and, most importantly, extremely friendly. This restaurant relies on the return of regular clientele for steady business, so the staffs’ pleasant attitudes towards customers are always going to be key to its success.

Let’s not finish on a note that is less than 100% positive though; this restaurant truly deserves better than that. In fact, I would like to lay out a challenge – can anyone find a restaurant that beats Dine@Fourth Steakhouse’s winning combination of great ambience, service, value for money, range of award-winning wines, and of course, unrivalled steak quality? I seriously doubt that it can be done.


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